General Questions

Q. Why should we work together?

Our mission is to make your manufacturing process as seamless as possible, while cutting costs in your current operation and bringing your designs to life. We have a team of professionals who are not only skilled and equipped to do just that, but they are passionate in what they do. Learn more about us HERE and check out our SERVICES to see how we can assist.

Q. What do I have to look forward to when working with Sew Pro?
  1. You get to share your vision with a team who is supportive, motivating, and has your best interest at heart.
  2. You will receive lots of patience and guidance. With our free consultation, we dive deep into your project detail and guide you on the best solutions to your business’s needs.
  3. You will receive support through fabric and materials sourcing, product control, collection assortment, and more. You don’t have to do it alone.
  4. Developing your design concepts and seeing it to fruition. Be ready to be amazed when you see your design concept a reality!
  5. You get to feel proud knowing that your products are skillfully made and of the highest quality.
  6. You get to be highly satisfied when seeing all of your hard work is paid off.
  7. You get to growing your business with a team who is always there for you.

Our list is endless as to why we’re a perfect match. Book your free consultation today. We can’t wait to put a smile on your face!

Q. What is the best way to contact you?

You may utilize our contact form below.

For new client consultation, kindly email us at newconsult@sewproproduction.com.

For concerns regarding your online protection, etc., kindly email us at contact@sewproproduction.com.

Emailing us will ensures that your inquiry will not be missed. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for us to get back to you.

Q. What are your hours?

Hours of Operations:

Mon – Fri: 9am – 4pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm
Sunday: Closed

Walk-ins are not available. You must schedule an appointment to visit our facility.

Kindly allow 24-48 (business) hours for all email communications.

Q. Where are you located? I would like to stop by.

We are located in Houston, Texas in Houston’s Chinatown area (77072). Although we’d love to welcome all in-person visits, walk-ins are not available. You must schedule an appointment to visit our facility. 

To set up an appointment, please contact us. For all COVID-19 related notices and in-person visits, kindly read more here.

Q. Do you provide fabric and/or materials?

Unfortunately, we do not. Kindly see our next question regarding Fabric and Materials.


You are responsible for providing us with the fabric and any additional materials (e.g. buttons, zippers, linings, etc.) related to your product(s).

We encourage you to source your own fabric and materials to allow you full range of control on what you need and want. When sourcing your own fabric, you get the full experience of holding the fabric/material in hand to determine its quality. We can offer our expertise to help you make the best choice, but ultimately it is up to you to make the final decision. 

HOWEVER – Does fabric sourcing seems too daunting? Let us help! We’ll be more than happy to take this off your hands and help you with sourcing. Take the stress out of fabric sourcing and gain back more time for your business. We will collaborate with you and take care all of product control.

Q: I have never done this before, I don’t know how to explain what I want. Can you help?

Absolutely. No matter your level of expertise in the field, we are here to help. We will guide you and teach you everything you need to know.

Q: Can Sew Pro help me design my product(s)?

We are here to provide as much support as we can. We offer technical expertise to bring your concepts to life, however, we do not make any artistic design decisions for you. We want to leave the creativity up to you.

Q: What is the process in getting my project production ready?

At Sew Pro, we value your individual needs, so the process is unique to every client. Rather than a cookie cutter list of steps and requirements, we will work with you one-on-one to provide you with exactly what your specific product requires.

We have a general process our clients can expect, however, no two clients project will look the same.

Q. I'm not a Houston local. What can I expect when working with you?

This won’t be our first rodeo! Communication is key and will be the foundation to building our relationship. We can communicate via email, telephone, texts, and most importantly video calls if ever needed! The power of today’s technology makes collaborating easy.



Q: Do I need completed patterns / tech packs before I can begin my project with Sew Pro?

No! Provide us with sketches, design inspirations, samples, or even describe to us what you want. We will gather your creative ideas to develop the product for you. 

If you do have a completed pattern/tech pack for your product, we will be more than happy to incorporate it into developing your samples and production.

Don’t have a tech pack and wants one? Let us help! Visit our SERVICES for more detail.

Q: What type of patterns do you provide?

Call us old-fashioned, but our patterns are drawn and cut on good ol’ trusted paper! It’s not that we are not up to date with technology, we simply prefer paper patterns over digital patterns for many reasons. The main reason we prefer paper patterns is it’s flexibility during our cutting process. We get to maximize your fabric yield and save your patterns once complete. This saves you money in the long run.

Q: Will the patterns belong to me?

Most definitely. Once all fees have been paid in full, all patterns, samples, modifications, etc. developed by Sew Pro for your project are yours to keep. You can keep your patterns after production, or we can hold on to them for you; they’re yours whenever you need and want them.

Q: I want to bring my design into production but do not have a sample of it. Will you still accept my product?

Yes! We will be more than happy to develop a sample for you. 

Q: Can you make x?

Currently, we are producing kids and adult clothing, active-wear vests, medical wear, and much more. In the past, we’ve made tutus, towels, linen, make-up bags, etc. We are not limited in our capabilities. And if it is something we’ve never done before, we are up for the challenge!

Q: What does development include?

Development is per product and includes the following:


  • One pattern
  • One sample
  • Sample review
  • Minor modifications
Q: What is the fabric yardage / yield needed for my sample? How much fabric do I need for development?

Depending on your product(s), we typically ask for anywhere between 4 to 7 yards per product. Sample yield is dependent on your specific product. Once we review your product in detail, we can provide you with yardage for sample development.

Q: What is the lead time for Development?

Lead times vary depending on factors such as:

  • your project size
  • product complexity
  • our current development schedule

And most importantly whether or not we’ve received all of the fabric and materials needed for development. This is the number one reason for delays! Please account for delivery time, especially during a pandemic.

It is always best to start ahead of time and give yourself wiggle room for any surprises that may arise!



Q: I want to expand my current production. Do you accept production only requests?

We sure do! Prior to committing to production, we have to make a counter-sample of your product(s) first. The counter-sample serves two main purposes:

  1. Work Quality – you get to see the quality of our work. This will eliminate any guess-work on how your design will turn out when made by a different company other than your current operation. 
  2. Better Understanding – We get the opportunity to see the intricacies of your designs and the techniques that are needed for each development. Once the sample has been made, we can give you a firm cost per unit for production and provide fabric yield for production.
Q: I have a sample of my product. How much does it cost to produce it?

Rates will depend on what your product is since every design, pattern, and sample vary. With a sample in hand, we can offer an estimate quote for your product. A firm price per unit will be provided once we make a counter-sample of your product (sample development fee applied). We can’t offer quotes on something we have never handled before. (Please see above question regarding counter-samples).

Everything comes down to details and intricacy so no two products are the same, making it difficult for us to quote costs based on our prior work. When quoting costs, we take into consideration the fabric, product specifications, order quantity, and most importantly, the ease of labor of your specific product(s).

Q: What is the fabric yardage / yield needed for my product? How much fabric do I need for production?

This is entirely dependent on your product, fabric type and width, and your order quantity. Once we develop your product(s) samples, we can provide you with fabric yardage/yield for production.

Q: What are your production minimums and lead times?

NO MOQ! We accept small batch to larger scale production, therefore, we do not have production minimums. However, there is a minimum total production cost of $3,000.

Cutting fee and colorway fees may apply depending on the quantity per size in an order.

You can expect that as the order quantity increases, the rate per unit decreases. We can discuss further on an individual basis.

Lead time vary depending on factors such as:

  • your project size
  • product complexity
  • our current development schedule

And most importantly whether or not we’ve received all of the fabric and materials needed for production. This is the number one reason for delays! Please account for delivery time, especially during a pandemic.

It is always best to start ahead of time and give yourself wiggle room for any surprises that may arise!


Post Production

Q: What happens after production?

Once production is complete, one of two things can happen:

  1. You can pick up your order and thus conclude our project together, or
  2. Let us help with packaging and/or onward to drop-shipping (shipping orders directly to your customers)

See below for more questions regarding packaging and drop-shipping, or learn more here.

Q: What can I expect when you package my product and/or customers' orders?

Everything we do is a reflection of you and your business. To ensure you are well represented (even during packaging), we collaborate with you to see how YOU want each item/order to be packaged. From there, we take over and handle all packaging needs for you.

What follows packaging:

  1. You can pick up your orders all nicely packaged, or
  2. Leave it with us and we can ship your orders out for you!*

*see next question for more detail.

Q: What is Drop-shipping and how does it work?

Drop shipping is a streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller (you) accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock – Google

What does this mean? You leave your completed products with us and we’ll ship your orders out for you! How this looks is entirely up to you; when you’re ready, we can further discuss its logistics.


Custom Support

Q: I designed a pattern/logo I would like to print on my fabric. How does that work?

Printing patterns and/or logo onto your fabric is called Textile printing. This is when your pattern/logo is printed into the fabric itself BEFORE production. This should not be confused with custom printing (printing artwork onto pre-made garments).

Q: Do you offer textile printing?

Directly in-house, no. We partnered with the best in the industry and has no qualm we will find a textile manufacturer that best aligns with your project.

Q: Do you offer custom printing?

Absolutely! We offer the following:

  • Screenprinting
  • Direct to garment
  • Heat transfer vinyl
  • Embroidery

Learn more here.

Q. Do you offer custom packaging?

Yes! Learn more here.



Q: What is project management and how can you help me?

Think of project management as having an assistant. We support you with product control and collection assortment, be your liaison and handle your sourcing and orderings, and anything you want to hand off to us to take care of. Our goal is to relieve stress and reduce workload, allowing you more time to design and build your business.

Learn more here.

Q: Who is The Creatives and why should we trust them?

The Creatives of Creative Design Production is our sister-company that offers creative support. It is an extension of us that supports you in brand building, web design, and site management.

Learn more here, or visit their website directly to learn how they can further empower you!

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