Sew Pro Production

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Our Services

Pre-Development Sourcing

+ Quality Fabric Sourcing
+ Material Sourcing
+ Product Design


+ Mass Production
+ Minimum Order of $3,000 per production 
+ Quality Check


+ Sample Development
+ Pattern Development
+ Pattern Grading

Post Production

+ Packaging
+ Hang-tag Assemble
+ Drop-shipping


Unsure where to start when it comes to apparel manufacturing? Not sure where or how to source fabric and materials? Let us help!

Development & Production

Already have your fabric and materials? Know exactly what you want to develop and bring into production? Let’s get started!

Creative Outlet

Let’s build your brand’s foundation and translate your brand vision into visual representation! 

Fabric Printing

Customize your fabric with custom printing.

Custom Labels/Hang-tags

Personalize your brand with customized labels.

Packaging & Drop-shipping

Let us take over your post-production to-do!


Web Design

Social Media Marketing

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